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We used to be doing this too, going from marketing agency to marketing agency trying to find someone who would get us results and care about our business.

We’re Keepbooked - a marketing agency built by business owners.

Unlike other agencies, Keepbooked takes the time to get to know your business and learn what we can do to help it grow. Our goal is to get you qualified leads, so you can focus on what you’re good at - running your business!

We know our ads work … because we use them on our own businesses

We’ve Got You Covered - it's time to meet Keepbooked

Your True Partner

Not only will we help you with your digital ads, we make sure your team knows how to help make your brand stand out in the crowd after our consultation & onboarding.

Competitive Analysis

We study your closest competition and make sure to understand them and your clients to deliver your business optimal results.

Intuitive Dashboard

You and your team will get access to our dashboard with your leads & the ability to contact your customers through text, calls, emails, & ringless voicemails.

Lead Generation

We strategically place social ads to introduce new clients to your business and get their information for contact.


Your ads and follow-up messages will be consistent with your brand message and any specials you're running. It's all part of our branding and marketing strategy. Consistency is key!

Team Training

All of the amazing parts of our software won't do your team any good without knowledge on how to use it! We give your team the resources on how to implement our strategies.

Online Appointment Booking

It's 2022 - online booking is a necessity. We offer online booking for your business - when it's convenient for you and your staff! It makes your process much more efficient.

Constant Contact

No more wondering where your ad dollars are going or if you're seeing success. We send updates and are constantly auditing our ads to spend your money how we'd spend ours.

Stop struggling with your marketing like we did

"As a small business owner myself, I simply got sick of overpaying for leads. I also got sick of working with companies that didn't understand my business. I felt like most Ad Agencies didn't care if my business was successful or not. At Keepbooked we are focused on seeing our clients be successful and stay successful no matter what the world throws at them. ” Kyle Henning, Keepbooked Managing Partner

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users

Our partner dashboard makes communicating with your customers easier than ever. Never miss a message from social media or an email lead or call - it's all in one convenient dashboard for you and your team!

Don't just take our word for it...

"Keekbooked made things so easy for me and my staff. They took the time to learn about my business and how they could help. They set everything up and then trained my staff how to capitalize off the leads they generated!"

Anthony Hamilton

Anytime Fitness Owner - Bellingham, WA

"My favorite thing about Keepbooked is that they don't just market for memberships, they have helped to grow our personal training a ton! Also, they have partnered with KP Softworks. Our KP Softworks consultant coaches my staff on how to close the leads that Keepbooked gets us, it's brilliant."

Bryan Hurst

Anytime Fitness Owner - Sweetwater, TN

"Finally, an ad company that understands what we do as a business and makes advertising affordable! I like that the owners use the same marketing for their own clubs!"

Jay McDonald

Anytime Fitness Owner - Harriman, TN


It's time to keep your business booked - with Keepbooked!

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